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We supply  DRY  and  seasoned firewood including Old Man Pine, Gum and Macrocarpa within Dunedin city.

We are committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don't just take our word for it - be sure to read through our customer testimonials and join our growing number of regular customers.


We offer free delivery of firewood (minimum of 3m3) within the wider Dunedin area including the Otago Peninsula and Mosgiel. We don't have consent to do  yard sales.  Delivery Monday to Friday and Saturday  by appointment.


We are competitive with our pricing.  But our point of difference is that we are constantly processing , and sourcing our logs,  so alot of our firewood has been split and stored in its drying cages for a year or more.   The wood once placed in its drying cage has excellent air flow the perfect drying conditions.  This way when we say we are selling dry wood that is what you get.  We do sometimes have summer specials but dry wood is our main goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What a heap of wood you have at your yard do you sell any?

Our goal is to provide really good dry wood, in order to do that you always have to be working a year ahead. So we are constantly processing and purchasing logs, logs are cut first into rings either with chainsaw or by a machine called the blockbuster, sometimes the rings are not split immediately but the drying process has begun. There is a photos of a digger using a spiral splitter this is to make the really huge logs that come into our yard manageable to work with. (The true Old Man Pine trees, sometimes only one tree comes in on a logging truck they are so big). Once logs are ringed then they are split either straight into the drying cages if well seasoned after travelling up a conveyer belt, and lots of the small bits of wood are separated at this time. Or made into windrows (this is usually for green wood which is processed then left to dry as much as it can in the windrow then handsorted into bins after about 8 months to finally get the last of the drying done.

Storing of wood

  • Macrocarpa - is hot burning and does not need to be stored undercover as long as has good windflow. Once dry macro does not re-absorb moisture
  • Oregon - Drys quickly a lovely smelling wood that has a natural resin that promotes burning
  • Gum - Burns hot and long, takes a lot of drying but once dry does not re-absorb moisture
  • OMP - Old man pine burns hot, great wood for the price, can be kept undercover but generally will still be fine if stored outside but ideally a bit of cover best
  • Forestry pine – needs to be stored ideally undercover as can soak up moisture. Burns quickly when perfectly dry great for starting fire but should really be mixed with a hard wood for best performance.

Size of wood

We do our best to keep the wood no longer in length than 300 to 350mm, if you require smaller wood or larger wood ring us as we can usually sort for you.

Can I get a WINZ quote

We are an approved WINZ Supplier so yes no problem

How many metres can be delivered at once

we have 2 x 6 cubic metre capacity and an 8 cubic metre capacity (we can split loads so 2 x 3m3 or 2 x 4m3)  We do sometimes have off season specials please keep an eye on the web pages for details but generally in off season December /January

Free Delivery

To most areas in Dunedin City and Mosgiel for order 3 cubic metres and over. Some suburbs do incur a delivery fee (e.g Long Beach/ Waitati/Outram/Taieri Mouth) If ordering more than 3 cubic metres to outer suburbs then delivery may be included please get in touch to enquire about this.


I really recommend City Firewood. I purchased the off season special - 6m³ macro semi seasoned at a really snappy price and now in this cold snap it's burning beautifully. Burns clean and hot. If you're looking for a firewood supplier City Firewood are hard to beat......and they delivered when they said they were going to!


We moved to Dunedin 7 years ago and have always bought our wood from City Firewood. They have always supplied us with dry quality wood and their excellent communications regarding delivery and payment make the process easy. We simply would not use anyone else. I recommend you try City Firewood - you won't be disappointed.

L and R, Portobello

We love your firewood - it's the best I have ever had - Thank you! The wood burns cleanly, slowly and with a wonderful warmth - definitely great value.

For many years now, and since I now work from my home office, I have been well looked after with the best firewood for my log burner from Steve & Jackie Clearwater here in wintry Dunedin. We live up a steep driveway, and the clean ( no stones or dust), dry ( best hard, hot burning gum outside of Yackandandah), is Steve's. I grew up in the Aussie bush so I know my firewood. I would suggest that moving into the next few years , if you want to be emission friendly and look after our Otago air, then you should give Steve's firewood at Clearwater Contracting a go. Tell them the Rhugerman sent you.

We have purchased firewood from City Firewood for the past 3 and a half years. The quality of the wood is great - always dry and cut into good sized pieces. I also appreciate the friendly and efficient phone service when ordering and the fact that they always deliver at the time and day you request. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my firewood. Highly recommend!

R and L S

I have enjoyed dry firewood from City Firewood for several years; Excellent service with wood delivered promptly.